Some maintenance on shoe care

Some maintenance on shoe care

This time I collected some tips on shoe care for everyone.

About the storage of leather shoes:

The first is to thoroughly clean the shoes that will be collected.

    When cleaning shoes, you must not wash them directly with water. Different care methods and care products should be used according to different materials of shoes.

    Patent leather shoes: Wipe with a semi-wet cloth.
    Bright leather shoes: Wipe with a semi-moist cloth or lightly with a shoe wax.
    Pearl light leather shoes: lightly coated with transparent shoe polish.
    Leather and sheepskin shoes: After removing the dirt with high-quality shoe polish and shoe cloth, use a shoe cloth to gently rub back and forth on the upper to make the upper bright.
    Flip-flop and suede shoes: Wipe off the stain with soft hair. Wipe it in the same direction when wiping. It will make the texture smooth and not suitable for wiping shoe polish.

    Before changing seasons, people always like to apply a thick layer of shoe polish on the shoes, and then save them, so that everything can be done.
    In fact, this is not appropriate, because the shoe polish is dry grease, too much coating, storage time is long, it will cause the leather surface to crack, counterproductive.
    So what is better to apply to the surface of the shoe?
    Raw lard or raw chicken oil can remain greasy for a long time without drying. Therefore, the best way is to apply a layer on the surface of the shoes and store them in a cool place. This prevents the shoes from drying and breaking, and maintains a bright color and is not easily cracked even if it is not worn for a long time. At the same time, the old newspaper with the shredded scorpion was stuffed into the shoes to prevent deformation.
    Finally, put the shoes in the paper box and store them in a dry place.

About the repair of leather shoes:

    If the shoes are left for a long time, cracks and cracks will inevitably occur. If you do not tighten the maintenance, your expensive shoes can only be thrown into the trash can.
    First fill the cracks and cracks with paraffin, Then iron it with an iron. The temperature should not be too high when ironing. The time should not be too long to prevent the leather from being ironed. After ironing, rub the same color of shoe polish.
    If there is a small crack on the upper surface of the black leather shoes, the eggs can be poured into the deep black juice in the platform, and the cracks are applied to the cracks on the leather surface with the brush. After drying, the cracks are automatically closed, and then rubbed. The shoe polish will be completely new.

General maintenance rules:

    When the shoes are not yet worn, they should be taken care of, and the shoes are stuffed into the shoes or newspapers to keep the shoes.
    A thin protective film on the upper to maintain its aesthetic appearance.
Always check the shoes for damage.
    Use a brush or detergent to remove dust or dirt from your shoes.
    Shoes that are more durable can't be worn every day. You should prepare a few more pairs to facilitate replacement.
    When the shoes are wet, please pay attention to: first use the shoe type holder or newspaper to insert into the shoes to fix the shoe type, then place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry, avoid direct sunlight.
    Wipe the leather with emulsifying shoe polish to make the leather shiny and nutritious.
    The sole should also be removed with a brush on a weekday and coated with a leather or water repellent.
    Use mildew cleaner to remove dirt and mold.

    When you want to store your shoes for a long time, you should always take it out to prevent mildew and place a desiccant in the box.
    A good pair of shoes is hard to come by. Not only do you have to know how to match it with glamorous, but also how to preserve it.
    Regarding the maintenance of shoes, or other issues, you can leave a message below this article, there are professional buyers to answer your questions.